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Painting of Middle Eastern woman wearing traditional jewellery

At Hafeez the ancient becomes contemporary, the present tastes of past and the common becomes extraordinary. ​


Hafeez حفیظ means "protector" or "guardian" in Arabic, and through our brand we aim at treasuring, respecting, and honouring this heritage, while reinventing it.​


We believe that mankind cannot prescind from change but also from its own past, roots, and traditions as they have shaped who we are today and guide us towards tomorrow.​


To us, having roots does not mean staying anchored to the past, but rather feeling empowered by understanding and remembering where we come from to move forward and mould the future through art and craftsmanship. 


The rediscovery and celebration of cultural identity and interconnectedness offers us the possibility of intervening against divisions and the inevitable wear and tear of time, guarding this wealth and proudly keeping it alive through our jewellery for generations to come.​

As our brand grows, we aim at remaining committed to our vision of protecting mastery, artistry, and history while also making a positive impact in the world. 


We look forward to surprising and inspiring you with our jewellery, and we hope that you will appreciate the quality, pride, and artisanship behind each and every piece.​​ 

Our Values

At Hafeez, we are more than just creators of exquisite pieces; we are the embodiment of values that elevate our craft beyond the ordinary.

Our commitment to these values ensures that each creation we bring to life is not only a work of art but a reflection of our beliefs.

With unwavering dedication, we embrace:

In every facet of our work, these values serve as the guiding light that illuminates our path.

We invite you to explore the world of Hafeez, where multiculturalism, craftsmanship, legacy, and education converge to create pieces that embody the essence of beauty, meaning, and connection.


Just as every gemstone carries a unique feature, so do the cultures of the world enrich our perspectives.


We celebrate and respect the beauty of diversity, cultural exchange, and connection by infusing global inspirations into our designs.


Our jewellery pieces weave together the threads of various cultures, allowing wearers to carry a piece of the world's artistic heritage.


From intricate patterns reminiscent of Eastern traditions to modern interpretations of Western aesthetics, our creations honour the tapestry of human history and connection.


We believe that the stories we tell through our jewellery are part of a legacy that transcends time.


Each piece captures a moment, an emotion, a milestone, or a sentiment that will be carried forward through generations.


Just as the heirlooms we craft today are steeped in the stories of yesterday, we aim to create pieces that will become cherished heirlooms of tomorrow.


Our jewellery becomes a bridge between generations and people, a tangible link connecting the past, the present, and the future, fostering greater connections by highlighting our shared similarities.


Every piece that leaves our atelier is a testament to the extraordinary dedication of our artisans.


Our craftspeople pour their hearts into every detail, ensuring that each gemstone is perfectly set, every curve is flawlessly formed, and every piece is a true masterpiece.


With a blend of traditional techniques passed down through generations and innovative methods, we breathe life into precious materials, transforming them into timeless treasures that will be cherished for lifetimes.


Curiosity and passion are the driving forces behind our commitment to education. We invite our clients to embark on a journey of discovery, learning not only about the intricacies of fine jewellery but also about different cultures and histories.


Through our jewellery, we aim to ignite your curiosity and deepen your understanding of the world around us. As you explore the origins of each design and the stories they carry, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the artistry and cultural significance of each piece.


We believe that an informed client is one who not only adorns themselves with beauty but also enriches their soul with knowledge.

Our Logo

Hafeez Fine Jewellery logo
Hafeez logo inspiration
Hafeez logo inspiration
Hafeez logo inspiration

Our logo, an octagram intricately interwoven with the Latin initial "H" and the Arabic letter ح "Haa" representing Hafeez, embodies a profound fusion of heritage and contemporary identity. 

The final design of our logo was eventually inspired by a Byzantine mosaic in St. John the Baptist church in the Roman-Greek city of Jerash in Jordan, which also represents the origins of our founder who is half Italian, half Jordanian.


The eight-pointed star, a symbol cherished across diverse cultures and religions, has transcended millennia, its significance echoing through epochs, embraced by ancient civilizations like the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.

The first use of the Rub' al-hizb symbol as we know it today, can be traced back to the Tartessos, a civilization that existed in Andalusia around the 11th century BCE to 6th century BCE that was using it to make offerings to the Sun, represented with eight rays. The symbol was then adopted by the Umayyads while ruling South of Spain, who then exported it to the Arabian peninsula, becoming an Islamic symbol. A similar symbol can also be seen in the seal of Melchizedek which is made of two interlocked gold squares, recurrent both in Judaism and Christianity.



A similar symbol can be found across different times and cultures, from East to West, from the Auseklis of Latvia to the Abusua Pa Adrinka symbol in Ghana. In the Americas we find the Chakana (Andean cross), a stepped cross motif used by the Inca and pre-Incan Andean societies, the Aztec Sun Stone - a Mexica sculpture of unknown purpose - and the Guñelve, or Star of Arauco, which is a symbol from Mapuche iconography, representing the planet Venus.



In Asia, the eight-pointed motif can be found in the dharmachakra (wheel of dharma) which is a widespread symbol used in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, but also in the Ashtalakshmi, a group of the eight manifestations of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity.​ In addition, the bagua (Chinese: 八卦, "eight symbols") can be found in different fields of millenary Chinese culture, from Taoism to Feng shui to martial arts.


Within this emblem, our logo symbolizes human and cosmic unity, balance, and harmony, while the integration of the initials infuses it with modernity and cultural depth, reflecting our brand's rootedness in tradition while evolving with the times. This amalgamation speaks volumes about our commitment to inclusivity, respecting legacy and history, while embracing innovation in a seamless harmony.

Hafeez Jewellery logo inspiration shamash
Hafeez Jewellery logo inspiration piedra del sol
Hafeez Jewellery logo inspiration bagua
Hafeez Jewellery logo inspiration rub el hizb
Hafeez logo inspiration from Jerash Jordan
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