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Indulge in regal opulence with our magnificent MALIKA ring adorned with exquisite Sapphires and dazzling Diamonds. Inspired by the majestic colours associated with royalty, the deep, enchanting blue of the Sapphires and the sparkling brilliance of the Diamonds come together to create a piece that exudes a sense of grandeur and elegance fit for a queen.


Oval cut Sapphires totalling 0.42ct, round brilliant cut Diamonds totalling 0.06ct, 18k yellow gold (750/1000).


Please note that each Hafeez creation is handmade with 18k gold and natural gemstones. As a result, carat weight and stone details may differ slightly from one creation to the next.

MALIKA Sapphire and Diamond Ring

  • Customs duties and additional charges excluded.

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