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Whether you seek a distinctive engagement or cocktail ring, a singular necklace, or a personalized spin on our collection designs, we're committed to realizing your vision.

In line with our brand ethos, location is no constraint; we create custom-made fine jewellery for clients around the world so contact us to book a virtual consultation with us.

Expect active participation in designing and crafting your piece, so we can ensure that the final creation aligns perfectly with your envisioned dream.


Unsure about committing to a bespoke piece? Why not opt for a sketch or gem gifting, or consider our e-gift card?

SKETCH GIFTING: Sherin will create a sketch, or a set of sketches that you can present as a gift to the recipient. This can be framed or gift wrapped, ready for you to give as a present.


GEM GIFTING: We are able to source one or more gemstones for you to present as the initial element of a custom piece. We'll prepare it for gifting and, if desired, can also supply a sketch proposing a design to accompany it.


E-GIFT CARD: If you are not sure the recipient will like your design or gem, gift cards are a great way to tell them you thought of creating a bespoke piece for and with them. 

Get Inspired

Every bespoke jewellery commission begins with a with a commitment-free brief about designs and ideas. If you're contemplating creating a piece and wish to learn more, feel free to reach out and connect with us.

Thanks for your interest!

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