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​​Hafeez is an independent contemporary fine jewellery brand founded in London in 2022.

Our sophisticated creations are aimed at showcasing and preserving the distinctive and rich history, identity, and beauty of the Middle East, South Asia, and Mediterranean Region, while promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the jewellery industry.

We see our jewellery not just as a mere accessory, but as a culturally significant story-teller. It is an extension and reflection of the uniqueness of the wearer and a beautiful statement of belonging and self-expression.

Hafeez is a brand that proudly tells a tale of inclusion, connection, and roots in line with its founders' stories. Our designs draw inspiration from their ethnically diverse backgrounds and are a tribute to their elaborate jewellery heritage.

Hafeez jewellery box
Hafeez founders


Summer 2016 - It was in the bustling city of Amman, Jordan, where Sherin and Omar first met. Over the following years they built a life together, traversing the globe and immersing themselves in new experiences. 


Defined by their peculiar origins and rich cultures, they discovered that they shared a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, artistry, and history. Drawing on her Italian and Jordanian origins, as well as his French and Pakistani roots, Sherin and Omar blended their unique backgrounds to create Hafeez in 2022 and offer the best of both worlds.

It was during the 2020 lockdown and away from the fine jewellery store she was managing, that Sherin was being encouraged by Omar to explore her creative side. Amidst the uncertainty, she embraced designing as a way to channel her passion for jewellery and her longing to represent their blended identity. Despite not having a design background, Sherin dedicated her spare moments to sketching and conceptualizing pieces that would bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, driven by a deep sense of purpose and pride.

Sherin's journey into South Asian jewellery, guided by Omar, sparked a profound curiosity within her, particularly after receiving a traditional South Asian 22k gold bridal set. As she delved deeper into the cultural significance and history behind precious adornments, Sherin found herself increasingly captivated by her family's heirlooms too, on both her South Italian and Jordanian sides.

She realised that the inherited keepsakes were a tangible representation of her history and a connection to her culture - a way to proudly claim and display a piece of her ancestors’ legacy as her own.

Seeing the widespread trend of cultural appropriation deeply touched her, as she noticed not only the lack of rightful recognition of these beautiful jewellery traditions but also the absence of acknowledgment for the incredible cultures and artisans behind their creations.

Additionally, she sought a representation of their unique identity but faced a challenge in finding 18k gold pieces that could genuinely encapsulate not just their narrative but also the collective one of many others, blending modernity with authenticity.

In her quest for representation, Sherin left her job two years later to found Hafeez, opening the door to a world of colourful, vibrant, and symbolic fine jewellery. Through bespoke designs, she invites her clients to share their unique stories, transforming them into personalized one-of-a-kind pieces that authentically reflect the narratives of blended identities, cultural pride, and belonging.

At Hafeez, we strive to weave together the common thread that has been unifying seemingly diverse yet inherently similar cultures, narrating the interconnectedness and beauty that binds them - an apparently unattainable task in our technologically hyperconnected but divisive world.

Through our jewellery, we want you to wear your own story and be proudly different. We really hope you will feel joy and take pride in wearing our pieces, joining our movement of cultural celebration, respect, and empowerment.

Sherin and Omar Hafeez

South Asian Door
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